How to breed cat first step

Now that you have a basic understanding about cat breeds and their traits, it is time to learn about the proper methods of cat breeding. First, you will have to ask yourself why you want to breed your cat. Below is a short checklist to help you evaluate your intentions, and decide on whether or not you should breed your cat. Should you breed your cat? Answer the following questions as honestly as possible. The results of this short quiz will help you determine whether or not you are ready to breed your cat.
  1. Is your cat mature enough to be bred (atleast two years old)?
  1. Is your cat’s vaccination and medication records updated?
  1. Was your cat given a clean bill of health by the vet?
  1. Is your cat’s potential mate in the best health possible?
  1. Is the potential mate’s breeders knowledgeable when it comes to cat breeding?
  1. Are you allowing your cat to mate in order to better the breed in general?
  1. Will you be able to dedicate time, effort and money during the last leg of your cat’s          
    pregnancy, as well as the first few weeks after birth?

  1. Have you done your research concerning your chosen breeds health characteristics and                        
     personality? 9. Is your cat’s mate lineage traceable and of good quality?
  1. Do you have enough funds in case of emergencies during the pregnancy and birth?
  2. Are you willing to shoulder the costs of food, shelter, and vaccinations during the first two
     months of each and every kitten in the litter?
  1. Have you thought about how many kittens you are willing to keep?
  2. Have you contacted trusted friends and other breeders who will take care of the kittens you can’t accommodate?
  3. If a future owner suddenly can’t provide for the kitten, are you willing to take it back and care for it?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are ready to breed your cat. However, if you have even one “no”, then perhaps you are not ready for the responsibilities of cat breeding. Please reconsider your decision to breed your cat. Remember, if you are not willing to shoulder the costs and responsibilities of having a pregnant queen in your house,as well as a litter of kittens in the future, then you should not entertain the thought of mating your cat. Instead, you may want to spay or neuter your feline companion to avoid accidental pregnancies and other such incidents. Kittens are a big responsibility. Their future should be planned for even before they are born. Think carefully about this stage of breeding your cat.

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