Know about cat breeds and types

Cat Breeds and Types
The first thing any cat breeder should know is the breed of their cat, as well as general characteristics and traits that apply to most felines. A basic understanding of the physical and behavioral traits of domestic cats will help breeders select potential mates for their pets.
Cats at a Glance
Domestic cats are scientifically named Felis catus. They are distant evolutionary cousins of the big cats, such as the tiger, jaguar and the lion. A male cat is also called tom when it has not been neutered, while a female cat that has not been spayed is called a molly, though she may also be sometimes referred to as a queen. Cats are lithe, flexible animals that are extremely light on their feet, and are capable of squeezing through tight or small spaces.

They possess a high level of intelligence compared to other household pets like fishes and birds. While cats are not as sociable and eager to please as their canine counterparts, they have nonetheless been part of the human household since the early Egyptians began domesticating them. In general, cats have pointed ears, bright,big eyes, a whiskered short muzzle for scent identification and motion detection, as well as a tail for balance and speed.

They have sharp teeth and retractable claws that aid them in their hunting and escaping ventures. Their senses of sight and hearing are superior compared to humans. They also have better night vision and are capable of catching small prey like mice and birds. Cats are known for their independent nature, and may oftentimes come off as anti-social. They are also territorial and keen on protecting their young ones. While caring for a cat need not be an expensive project, domestic felines nonetheless demand a lot of time and attention.

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