The Feline Mating Process

If you are reading this section, then it is safe to assume that you have evaluated your intentions and you are indeed, capable and willing to breed your cat. Once you have chosen a suitable mate for your cat, you can place the breeding pair in an enclosed area and allow nature to take its course. You will have to ensure that the queen is ready to mate, and the tom is vigorous enough to assert himself with her.

The queen must be brought into the territory of the tom, since male cats mate better when they are in familiar surroundings. Once the cats have met, leave them in an enclosed area with a lot of space for them to move around in. If it is your queen’s first time to breed, she may reject the tom’s advances at first. Allow the cats to get to know each other,
and go about their business on their own. While it is not completely necessary for the queen to be in heat when she is mated, it will still encourage her to accept the male’s advances. It is best to breed a queen three or four times within 24 hours. After that, you must ensure that she is not allowed to roam, else she may conceive kittens from a different father. Be sure to record the date of the queen’s mating in order to keep accurate track of her pregnancy.

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